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HERO|farm Spotlight

It’s Crunch Time! Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Finalists Announced
It’s Crunch Time! Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Finalists Announced

Doritos is once again opening the (not so) glamorous world of producing television ads to the masses!

Now in its ninth year, the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl" user-generated ad competition received about 5,000 submissions from 29 countries and have been whittled down to 10 deserving finalists for whom you can vote at the Doritos' website.

Per the brand's usual voice, all of the finalists have stuck to humor with a second punchline following the art card... That's ad speak for the black screen with the logo at around 27 seconds.

The two ads with the most votes (and Doritos' approval) by January 28th will air during the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. The winner with the most votes will win $1 million and the opportunity to work at Universal Pictures in Hollywood where they will continue to live in the lap of luxury that is creating ads for the opinionated masses.

Check out the 10 finalists below and let us know your favorite via Facebook or Twitter.

And remember to vote once a day to make sure you see your ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

‪‪Doritos Lemonade Stand Crash the Super Bowl 2015‬‪
An innocent little girl selling lemonade in her neighborhood devises a creative way to maximize her profits.‬

‪‪Mis-Spelling Bee‬
Two spellers battle it out to win... by losing!

Trouble in the Back Seat‬
Dad isn't eager to share his Doritos. But the kids have other plans.‬

‪‪Doritos Man-child‬
There's only one way to soothe the man-child throwing a tempter tantrum. And Doritos is it.

‪‪What Could Go Wrong?‬
A man puts his worst foot forward when deciding to approach his pretty neighbor.

‪‪Selfish Sneezers
What happens when 7 best friends realize they might have to share 6 bags of Doritos?‬

‪‪Doritos Angler‬
A fish can't resist the sound of a fisherman crunching on some Doritos, so he does what any other self respecting fish would do...‬

‪‪Baby's First Word‬
Watch Baby Liam speak his very first word.

When Pigs Fly‬‪
Billy goes to great lengths to get a Dorito from Ralph...‬

Middle Seat‬
One man will do anything to keep the middle seat empty.‬

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