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HERO|farm is a marketing, public relations and design agency with a simple philosophy: "Do great work for good people."

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HERO|farm Spotlight

9 Creative Packaging Concepts
9 Creative Packaging Concepts

Business competition today is fierce. There are about 28 million small businesses in the United States, and nearly 543,000 new businesses get started each month. Standing out from that crowd can be quite a challenge.

You can have a great product that does exactly what a consumer is looking for it to do but if it has generic or boring packing then you better have a great marketing plan... because most people aren't rational shoppers. This is where creative product packaging comes into play.

Most businesses try to win customers by duking it out against competitors on TV, radio, social media and at events. But the smart ones realize their product packaging holds tremendous potential. Just like a company that uses its building's giant blank wall facing the expressway for ad space, companies can utilize creative product packaging to communicate ideas in unique, unexpected ways.

Unique packaging is typically done only for special occasions because it's too expensive for every day use. Instead, you'll often see companies do a small run for big ad campaigns or large events like anniversaries.

So what can your business do differently to shake things up and wow your customers? How can your product's packaging become a conversation starter?

While some of the pictures below are of concepts created by individuals, they are great examples of thinking outside the metaphorical and figurative box and should help get your mind churning.

Coke Packaging Heineken Packaging Honey-Packaging Nike Air Packaging Panasonic PackingWaistlineDetergentQuick FruitTrident

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