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HERO|farm is a marketing, public relations and design agency with a simple philosophy: "Do great work for good people."

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HERO|farm Spotlight

Brand This: The New Life Edition
Brand This: The New Life Edition

HEROfarm’s Brand This™ talk radio show hits the airwaves with Shaun Walker & Reid Stone discussing the latest trends and topics in the marketing world.

HEROfarm's Brand This - June 17, 2015

Listen to the latest episode of HEROfarm’s Brand This™ talk radio show, recorded June 17, 2015, by clicking the audio player below.

This Episode:

Reid finds himself… Thanks to #ShareACoke
• Jurassic World chomps, Chris Pratt romps
• Playboy is NSFW… now safe for work
• Speak of extinct things, KFC's Colonel is back with new life
• The Donald wants to be president, and is willing to pay for it
• Breaking news: NY Times blocks own website
• Microsoft wants you to really live past nine to five with five to nine
• "Social Media Day" is actually a thing, so sayeth many mayors

Artist of the Show: Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen

On the day of this show, in 2012, Bruce Springsteen played his longest show when he turned in a three-hour-and-48-minute, 32-song, set at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

Entrepreneurs and business peeps — if you are interested in getting advice on how to brand your product and/or service or marketing advice, email guest@your15minutesradio.com and you could be chosen to be a guest live-on-air with Brand This!

To advertise on the show, email advertise@your15minutesradio.com.

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We formed HERO|farm with a social mission not only to help us break away from the old way of doing things and stand out, but also because we wanted to make a difference. A cornerstone of HERO|farm is to do at least one campaign per year pro bono for a non-profit, as well as work with clients who have admirable missions of their own. Visit our Causes & Affects page to learn more.